The Eames elephant: something that you can’t miss when visiting a design store. I’ve always loved simple and quirky objects, unfortunately I had no good excuse spending all that money on a plastic elephant. But last weekend, while browsing the web, I came across a template to make your very own paper Eames elephant. How cute is that! I made a black one that is the standard size (see template) and a white one that is twice the size of the template. The instructions are very simple: cut the template, fold the two pieces you just cut in shape and piece the two together. You can make you’re elephant more like the original by bending some shape in it, for example bending the ears and legs a little.

P.S. Another recession tip: Taschen has discounted books in their cellar. I bought this book full of Polaroids from Helmut Newton (looking at polaroids always makes you nostalgic, don’t you think?). And also a book by Terry Richardson without looking properly at it. O my, I shouldn’t haveā€¦ Never seen such a collection of disgusting pornography pictures before. But back to Helmut Newton (which was way better luckily): the cover was a little damaged, but I liked the book without cover better anyway and the rest of the book was in perfect shape.