Last Saturday we visited the Arnhem stock days: designers and stores in Arnhem selling their goods with huge discounts, from interior design to fashion. Klaas Kuiken is based in the neighborhood ‘modekwartier’ and sells vases, lamps, kitchenware and cute birdhouses on rooftiles. Too bad our rooftiles are smaller, otherwise I would’ve bought one. Also selling his goods, is designer (and cook) Casper Tolhuisen. We bought the prototype (the first version made) of his BBQ pot design. We bought it for the shape, not to use it on the BBQ, but the recipes that come with it do look good!

The Arnhem stock days happen twice a year, so don’t forget to check in around January if you’re looking for interior design (or clothing: I bought two more items that I will show soon!) and you don’t have an endless budget.