Recession is a fact and has been for several years now. Time to think of cheap solutions for all the things we want in life but maybe are too expensive. I wanted something on my wall that made some impact. Art was very expensive, so I figured photographs and posters would make a perfect solution.

I enlarged my own pictures, made posters with text in photoshop and filled one frame with a paper bag. Way cheaper than ordering posters online or buying them in a shop. Ones I made the selection, I made sure the size fitted the sizing of the Ikea frames (Ribba) as they are the cheapest solution. My photo wall was €130,- in total (€80,- for the frames (largest one is 72cmx102cm) and €50,- for the prints (I used pixum, but check google for best prices). This doesn’t sound that cheap, but keep in mind that I choose some pretty big frames. One big tip: sketch the order of your selection (in photoshop or on paper) first, then buy the frames, fill the frames and place them in order on the floor for one last check.