Geen categorie | 8 July 2015

KABK graduation show 2015

The KABK graduation show is a must to check out if you’re in Den Haag. From an objective interpretation of idealists (top left picture) by Tholbjorn to carton turned into art by Victor Breton van Groll (beneath).

The last picture is by Anne Kranenborg. Her collection ‘looks at furniture as being in a constant state of fluidity, awaiting the moment in which a person provides its context‘.

But there were many more artist that made an impression. Work by Bert Spolders for example (he gives denim a whole new meaning and makes minimal furniture by combining wood and silicone), the amazing designs by Jip Piet, or experiencing the sense of touching objects again by Sandra Timmerman.

Enough said! For those of you who haven’t visited the KABK graduation show: go, go, go. There is so much to see (you will get lost, and yes: you’re better of without floor plan…), from photography, paintings and interior architecture to installations. You still have today and tomorrow to pay a visit.

Prinsessegracht 4
2514 AN Den Haag