MINIMAL INTERIOR | 3 February 2015

How to keep those plants alive

I used to be an absolute nightmare when it came to plants. Too much water or too little water, no matter what I did, they kept on dying on me. But since buying one cactus after the other and a bunch of succulents to top things of, I decided to go big and buy a ficus. O yeah. Now, a ficus needs more water and care than a regular cactus so after much deliberation I decided I needed help.

I remembered House of Thol from a previous Dutch Design Week.  They just made a prototype of a hydration system called Waterworks and needed funding to produce it. Fast forward two years later and they actually succeeded! Waterworks is now for sale online and in several Dutch stores. And not only is it functional (my ficus still looks great), it’s good looking as well.

Just to be sure: I’m not sponsored in any way for this post. I bought my own Waterworks and because I’m really (really!) happy with it, I decided to share it with you guys. Just wanted to say this, cause I often get a lot of remarks about sponsored posts but I always share stuff I genuinely think is worth sharing. And two guys (well, a guy and a girl to be precise) who are nominated for a German Design Award after just starting their own studio are worth supporting!

How to use & Where to buy?
1. Close the top hole in the glass reservoir with the cork (make sure it’s airtight).
2. Push the ceramic cone in the soil close to the roots of your potted plant.
3. Fill the reservoir with water and place it in the cone – refill when empty.

You can buy Waterworks on their own site, or check out Store Without a Home (they also have a store in Amsterdam) and Wannekes.