TRAVEL | 9 May 2015

Less known hikes – Water Holes Canyon

Four years ago we visited all the major national parks within the LA – San Francisco triangle. This time round we decided to visit some lesser known preserves. Mainly because we both needed a break, especially Leon. He was way too stressed after quitting his old job and finding a new job within one week. But sometimes you need new challenges and Leon was desperately looking for them. He’s going to start the beginning of June, which meant we had an unexpected one month opening. The minute we knew for sure, we booked the tickets. We couldn’t wait to go on a big road trip again!

As we were both longing for solitude, we decided to hike some lesser known trails. Just us, nature and Leon’s ugly ass backpack he always insists on taking whenever we go hiking. Don’t ask me why…

But besides the hideous 4 year old backpack, including Pringles and bananas pooking out on the sides, the views we’ve seen were pretty perfect. And one hike I wanted to share with you guys is Water Holes Canyon, our fav hike thus far! It might have something to do with the life threatening climb up on the way back, as I was suddenly convinced of my rock climbing skills…

At one moment I was hanging on to rocks and plants while a sharp rock was sticking out above me, blocking my way up. When I looked down and saw I was 10 meters above the ground and had to climb over rocks so steep it almost felt like I was leaning into the canyon, adrenaline really kicked in. I don’t know how I did it, but once I made my way up I couldn’t stop shaking. Besides fear, I also felt ecstatic! I DID IT! I F*CKING DID IT!

Once I was up, I saw why it was so hard to get back by the way. We totally missed the trail… So yes it’s safe to assume Leon and I are unexperienced idiots when it comes to hiking, but that doesn’t take away from the fact this canyon is a pretty neat hike. It’s located near Antelope Canyon in the city Page: the most photogenic canyon we’ve ever visited, but also the most crowded one. It definitely takes out all the fun of hiking and sucks out any adventures feelings you could experience in these freaks of nature. So if you’re fed up with the crowded tourist hotspots of Page, make sure to pay a visit to Water holes Canyon.

How to get there? 
From the Walmart in Page proceed 4.9 miles south on Highway 89 until you reach a small parking area on the left side of 89 just before Waterholes Canyon Bridge. Next to the barbed wire fence is an opening, walk to the overlook and find your way down into the canyon. Once you’re in the canyon it’s an easy and fun hike!