MINIMAL FASHION | 19 February 2016

Light and dark, with a golden touch

Every year it’s the same thing: I’m starting to feel very uninspired with Winter wear and am longing for Spring. These last few weeks I wore the same things over and over again (yes, also in the jewelry and bag department… I’m addicted to gold and tan at the moment.). Even Fashion Week and all the fresh Fall 2016 looks can’t prevent me from pulling the same thing out of the closet.

First I was convinced some sunshine would be the solution, but now I’m not sure anymore. Ever since making the choice of being more strict in what items will be added to my closet, I’m thinking less about fashion in general and more about items I will love years to come. But that also equals predictable looks. I’m still in doubt wether that’s a good thing or bad thing. How ’bout you guys: have you discovered your style and are you sticking to it or do you love to incorporate trends into your looks? Tell!

I’m wearing:
Jacquemus roll neck | H&M Trend trousers (old)
Loxley England bag | Kapten&Son watch | Effra London jewelry