MINIMAL INTERIOR | 11 April 2015

Looking for the perfect minimal lighting

For a while I’ve been looking for the perfect minimal lighting, but as it turns out you need some serious cash… These lightings are all high on my wish list- delicate with brass finishing – but the price tag is no joke… Want to know just how much savings you need to actually become the owner of these designs? Read on!

First three lightings:
1. Counterweight Pendant $5,200.00
2. Mini Endless Pendant 4,725.00
3. Rudi Loop 2,500.00

The one on the left:
4. Palindrome Series $2,995.00

Last two lightings:
5. Soledad Floor lamp Price unknown
6. Mobile Chandelier $23,638.00

I’m especially impressed with the last price tag.  More than $23,00.00, who would EVER pay this for a lamp! The Kardashian clan?? Should anyone feel inclined to help me, you can donate all large sums of money to MyDubio.