MINIMAL FASHION | 16 October 2015

Loxley handbags: my fav shopper

You may have seen this Loxley regent shopper appearing in my outfit posts and turning up on Instagram. It is my daily bag ever since I got it and it even resulted in a sad Kara backpack who is now begging for some attention. But this whole simple-but-chic vibe has gotten to me lately and not only my outfits are changing, also my taste of bags.

Strange how you can be loyal to a bag for quite some time (I can easily bring the same bag with me every day for over a year), but once there’s a new love… I’m still debating if that’s just plain boring or there’s a charm to being loyal. Although, this same model in tan is looking pretty fine… (where’s your loyalty now huh?). But then again, that’s kind of boring/loyal as well isn’t it?  What about you: changing things up all the time or sticking with your favs?

Now be honest: would it be too predictable if I got the same bag in tan… ;)

I’m wearing:
Vintage Levi’s jeans & jacket
Loxley regent shopper | COS flats (in sale)