MINIMAL FASHION | 21 November 2015

Making a statement with EFFRA Jewelry

I have this love-hate relationship with gold. Somehow a yellow gold tone is absolutely no match with my skin tone, while a more warm gold tone looks much better. I’ve sold my gold watch because of it’s yellowish undertone, but have been on the look-out for warm gold jewelry ever since. Enter EFFRA London: slightly masculine and minimal, but also traditional. Needless to say I’m in love with this bracelet and necklace which you might have seen in my previous outfit post.

And I forgot how I love to photograph jewelry! I can avoid facing the camera (which is much easier, as I’m certainly no model…), but I mostly love it because jewelry feels personal. Especially when I really fall in love with the pieces, which somehow only ever seems to happen with jewelry and not with – let’s say – shoes. I know it’s because I wear the same jewelry over and over again, making every look feel more ‘me’. Who ever invented jewelry: you’re a genius!


Our aim is to create simple and honest jewellery with a down to earth aesthetic, adding understated elegance to everyday attire” – EFFRA London