I promised no more marble DIY, but some left over foil was looking really tempting and this week I lost the urge to fight it. Hence another marble DIY! I won’t promise this is the last one, cause I still have some left… But I will try my hardest to resist it ;)

Okay, what do we need? We need some scissors, marble self adhesive foil and mirrors. We still had a bunch of these Ikea mirrors that we didn’t use anymore. I measured the mirrors (30cm x 30cm) and drew three pieces on the back of the foil: a triangle (height 15cm, width 30cm), the left over of the triangle and a rectangle (height 30cm, width 15cm). Cut the foil, attach it to the mirror and if you get some air underneath the foil, just pull the foil back and reattach it using your nails to make sure there will be no air. Cut any excessive foil or fold it and you’re done!