MINIMAL INTERIOR | 26 February 2016

Minimal design grow lights

Cold hands, obligated woolen socks, dark mornings and no sun kissed skin. Winter is not for me. And I’m not the only one suffering. My plants are too. At the moment I’m the proud owner of -yes, I’ve counted them – 23 plants and they are all still alive. I don’t know when I went from plant killer to plant lover, but some of them have been alive for 4 years now! But here’s the problem: during the Winter there’s not enough light for my herbs to survive more than one week out of the supermarket. Which is getting very annoying because I’m addicted to fresh mint tea and we use a lot of herbs in our cooking. So I started to think about solutions such as green houses in the garden and grow lights. But boy, are they expensive! And the combination of expensive and ugly is apparently still working in the land of greenery.

But while attending Dutch Design Week last year, I bumped into the grow lights by Bulbo (last picture) and they gave me hope that there are some design friendly options out there. With emphasis on some, cause I could only find one other option that I liked: the green light by Kekkilä (first picture). Sold out everywhere. Both options are not that budget friendly though (Bulbo grow lights range from €120,- to €270,- and of course I want the most expensive one…), so I’m now considering making my own DIY version. Have any of you guys made a grow light system yourself? Would you like to know more about it? Curious to hear your story!

P.S. pictures of the green house are also by Kekkilä and I so want one!!