Minimal look with flared jeans

Wish I was still in LA. I don’t know what it is, but the vibe is full of energy there. You’re starting to think big and dream big. My wish to go abroad is growing stronger and stronger, but as always normal life is starting to look better by the minute.

My partner in crime, Liza, was holding down the fort for our company Duwtje while I was gone, and we’re overwhelmed by the amount of work that is coming our way. So many organizations who are interested in behavioral change! It’s strange to realize all the plans I had for life came through. Both companies that I own are doing so good at the moment that sometimes I have to pinch myself. But you can always dream bigger right? Time for some new life goals!

But enough babbling about life, back to the outfit I’m wearing!

While visiting LACMA the weather was relatively cold for LA, so layering it was. My favorite jacket that I’m still wearing way too much and Zara knit with flared jeans, while keeping it minimal. Love this easy combo!

I’m wearing:
Helmut Lang jacket | Zara knitted top | MiH jeans
Kara x Ssense backpack | Birkenstock sandals
Agata Bielen bracelet | Ming Yu Wang ring | Larsson & Jennings watch