Pictures by me

Instead of buying a new mirror, reusing your old one? Genius idea of the designers of Llot Llov! The ‘Hank’ mirror hanger was actually the first item that caught my eye when entering the store Baerck in Berlin Mitte, which sells the most perfect fashion and interior items, among those their own design of studio Llot Llov. Sometimes when a prototype is ready they also display it in the store (perfect way to get feedback from customers Ania -one of the two designers behind Llot Llov- told me).

Unfortunately the Hank mirror hanger is still a prototype, otherwise I would’ve brought one home with me immediately. But prototype or not, I’m sold on the simple design and the whole idea behind it. We all have some unused mirrors somewhere and spending lots of money on new ones isn’t always an option. The estimated price of the mirror hanger is somewhere around €50 for the small one and €60 for the large one and are made out of waxed cotton and anodized aluminium plates. Ania of Llot Llov expects that the mirror hangers are ready for sale the end of July. Will keep you guys updated!