MINIMAL INTERIOR | 12 February 2015

Minimal still with eucalyptus

Each year I follow the same pattern: after chucking the christmas tree and enduring an endless grey January, I’m going loose with greenery in February. This year is better than ever since I’m having endless supplies of cacti and succulents (they are not dying any more (hurray), but I keep buying new ones out of habit…), a new ficus and to top things of: eucalyptus leaves. My new favorite object to decorate with, especially in a minimal white, grey and black context.

We once actually bought an eucalyptus tree when we were still students. We had one square meter of soil and I was getting a bit enthusiastic when I discovered that I could plant stuff in it. Lots of herbs and even potatoes ended up in our mini garden (which you should never just plant as you can not get rid of them. Ever). And one day the eucalyptus tree joined them.

Which was… also not a good idea (I wasn’t a wiz kid when it came to plants apparently). Those things grow like crazy (2 meters per year!) and when you only have one square meter it soon looks rather questionable. I think some neighbors actually started to question my sanity when the eucalyptus tree reached an admirable height of 4 meters.

Luckily I realized you can buy leaves. I will stick to that for now.