MINIMAL FASHION | 13 August 2015

Minimal watches in earth tones

Lately I’m falling more and more in love with earth colored tones. While in Copenhagen I tried on the perfect Acne sweater in a dark army green color, and I fell in love! Same for watches: I wanted to add some earth toned leather straps to my collection for a while now. Still minimal of course, since I like it when watches are suitable for both men and women. Watches that are too feminine seem to be less functional, and putting less focus on the main propose: reading the time. So I teamed up with CLUSE to show you my favorite watches from their collection.

First of this desaturated olive green leather strap with all black clock from their latest collection (available end of august). What I love about it the most, is that it’s stripped from all unnecessary details. The leather strap has no thread, it has matte black hardware and dark grey details blending nicely with the background of the black clockwork.

But since I’m falling madly in love with everything camel and the luxury feeling of the 70 ‘s style, I had to add a tan leather watch to the collection as well. With silver hardware to emphasize the luxury feeling. And besides wearing it with my tan pieces, I’ll be wearing it with blue as well. There’s just something about the contrast it creates with dark blue and denim tones.