Monthly Travels | January

Poland, Zakopane


Fly to Krakow, drive 2 hours to Zakopane


Do hike through the mountains
Don’t visit the center of Zakopane


Hello Zakopane! Last year we decided to change one thing in our lifes: visiting another country every month. Of course for us Europeans that’s not so difficult since it only takes a few hours to cruise into another country, but it made one hell of a difference! For one, it made me prioritise differently. Instead of spending almost all of my hours behind a computer screen, I cut a big chunk out of my working life to start exploring real life. That also meant I had to make decisions. And although I didn’t plan to stop blogging, it sort of happened. My other company – Duwtje – took of like crazy, which meant that it was impossible to travel, blog and keep a company thriving at the same time.

In the beginning it felt like a relieve. I stopped checking social media. Just went cold turkey really; no blogging, no Instagram, no nothing. But the last few weeks I started to miss it. I’m still not sure how I can fit blogging into my life, but every once in a while I will share something again. And one of the things will be an impression of the travels we’re doing, starting with January.

Zakopane itself is touristy and something to avoid, but hello mountains! We hiked through the snowy mountains for two days while nobody was around (tip: take the cable car to Kasprowy Wierch, walk 500 meters, past all the tourists, and you’ve got the mountains all to yourself).

The third day we rented snowmobiles and raced through the snow, we stopped for lunch and made a campfire in the middle of the snowy hills around Zakopane. It was amazing! Some places are really hard to leave behind and this was definitely one of them. Sometimes everything just works out perfectly and this was one smooth ride, even our apartment was perfect with a huge balcony and windows everywhere. O, and the super low prices definitely helped loving Zakopane even more (we had dinner for ten euro’s in total…). If my travel wish list was any shorter, I’d definitely go back again.