Mother’s day & old sentiments with Skagen

Growing up, meant we got more serious with the Mother’s Day gifts. Out were the drawings and introduced were perfumes (always the same, her favorite) and more and more gifts. When I was thirteen I loved that I was being able to buy a gift and couldn’t think of anything more lame than giving her a selfmade thing. Such a shame! Thinking back I think something selfmade is the best thing you can give (apart from a few years ago when we gave her painted plates and she mainly looked puzzled. She claims it’s because we did such a good job she thought we bought them…).

But before we reintroduced selfmade things, buying gifts was all the rage. But what happened was that it felt like each year we had to buy an even more expensive and unique gift to top the gift we gave last year. We got headaches just thinking about it. So a few years ago (okay, ten years ago… getting old), we switched things up and took her to the Zoo. Just the three of us. We made special mothers day t-shirts and spend a complete day wandering around and having fun with each other. Best idea ever!

For this year I’ve teamed up with Skagen to hand you over a few last-minute ideas for Mother’s Day (I decided to get all sentimental by the way and dug up my old All Stars for this occasion, I think we’ve rekindled…). But back to Mother’s Day: the most importent thing you can do is, of course, letting her know how much you love her and appreciate all she’s done for you. Spending the day with her and doing something you both love is the best tip I can give. But I know daily life can get in the way (hello deadlines and agenda’s that don’t match), so the second best tip I can give is, when buying a present, try to make it personal. The last two presents we gifted our mom were jewelry pieces, earrings and a watch. Jewelry is something you wear almost every day; doesn’t really get more personal than that!

Another big advantage of jewelry is that the range of styles is unlimited. There’s always a piece that matches your mothers’ style, from gold to silver and from delicate to more chunky styles. Our mom only wears gold and would never wear black (how she lives without black is a mystery to me, she doesn’t even own a black bag…). And even though my own style is very different, I notice I’m more and more drawn to gold. We gifted her some gold earrings and ended up buying the same pair for ourselves. So out with the mothers day t-shirts and in with matching jewelry. We’re halfway there: our watches and earrings are a match already. Now, let’s see what we can add this year! Or not: we’re still debating about gifts versus experience versus self-made. It all depends on our agenda’s…

I’m wearing:
Skagen watch (the men’s version) | All Stars
Acne boy jeans | Kozha Numbers bag