MINIMAL FASHION | 14 March 2015

My picture on a Zara shirt!

A few months ago Zara contacted me if I was interested in selling my pictures. I didn’t really expect that anything would come out of it, but here we are: my pictures are actually on a Zara shirt! How cool is that!! And not one shirt, but two shirts (this one is in store now)!

These past few weeks have been crazy on the work front by the way: not only are these Zara shirts in store now, we also had some major press coverage regarding my other job as a behavioral specialist. Two weeks ago we finally were able to openly tell about our experience of founding a behavioral nudge unit for the Dutch tax administration (that’s De Belastingdienst for you Dutchies). And since then several tv shows and radio programs contacted us. Next week we’ll start filming a little fragment that will air March 21st, and later that week we’ll be on the radio. So freaking excited about everything that’s going on now! We’ve worked so hard to be where we are now. Couldn’t have done it without my partner in crime (Liza: we’re going to rule the world ;)!