BEAUTY | 2 May 2015

My skincare routine with Uncover

Last week I posted my very first beauty related post. For those of you starting to worry: no need :) MyDubio isn’t turning into a beauty blog (wouldn’t have the knowledge to pull it of), but I wanted to share some new insights with you that made a real difference in my daily skincare routine. I already mentioned I use the Uncover skincare line by Jetske Ultee, and today I wanted to elaborate a bit on that.

I wasn’t really aware what was best for my skin as I was pretty lucky: I had a flawless skin (most of the time, except that once a month thingy…). Last fall things started to change though: it became less clear and more dry at the same time. Things had to change. So I started to read more and more about skincare and learned that my products were not giving my skin what it needed. I also learned I wasn’t taking the right steps to prevent my skin from breaking out.

What my skincare routine looks like now:

1. Cleanser
I remove my make-up with a plant based oil (jojoba is recommended). This may sound strange, but oil removes bacteria without drying out your skin. Afterwards I use this cleanser to remove the last pieces of make-up. In the morning I only use the cleanser. When your skin is really dry it is recommended to rinse your skin in the morning with water only though (or oil).

2. Toner
To make sure there are no soap residues left on your skin, I use a mild toner that doesn’t dry out my skin (this one).

3. Exfoliant
I told you all about exfoliating your face in my previous post. Take a look to see why a BHA or AHA exfoliant is a necessary product in you skincare routine.

4. Moisterizer
As it turns out a moisturiser isn’t really able to remove wrinkles, but it is able to restore the skins barrier function and hide small dry lines. There are a lot of moisturisers on the market with irritating ingredients for your skin. Paula’s Choice and the one I use from the Uncover skincare are a safe bet.

5. Suncream
The one thing that can prevent wrinkles is sunscreen! So I always use a sunscreen during the day.

And that’s it!

If you are looking for good products to change your skincare routine but are not sure which products to get, I highly recommend reading this blog post by dr. Jetske Ultee from Uncover skincare. She recommends a nice list of products from some other brands. It’s in Dutch but even if you can’t read Dutch, you’ll be able to figure out what is what.

And Paula’s Choice offers a big range of good products as well. Love her website that not only sells skincare products, but also offers tons of information about skincare. Hope that helps :)