MINIMAL INTERIOR | 23 August 2015

MyDubio in VT Wonen magazine

Print will never loose its magic… At the beginning of 2015 VT Wonen asked me if I would like to be part of their VT Wonen blog special, and how could I say anything else than yes to that question! Fast forward to this weekend and you can now buy the special in every bookstore and supermarket. It’s so strange picking up a copy and seeing yourself! I’ve been in magazines before, but 6 pages is a first for me. A moment that is very special as I would have never thought MyDubio would ever grow into something that would be worthy for magazines to feature.

So if you can read Dutch, make sure to check the VT Wonen blog special. You’ll be able to read about many other talented bloggers, bloggers I still look up to and think are doing an amazing job!