MINIMAL INTERIOR | 4 November 2015

Need a new bike: which of these 6?

A few days ago – after a 3 hour train ride home (endless delays…) – my bike chain broke. Ah well, walking all the way back home was nothing compared to the hours of delay. Headphones on and of I went.

As a true Dutchie the first thing I did once I got home was googling for a way to fix my bike. But since my bike is rusty and 6 years old, I think it’s about time I started looking for a replacement. Now for all you guys who think Dutch people must be crazy to hold on to their rusty bike for so long: it’s because new and flashy bikes tend to get stolen within a week… But this time I’m willing to take a chance and buy a new one. But which one to get?

I’ve found 6 favorites that are not crazy expensive (just a little bit…), but still look pretty cool:

1. Gazelle van Stael
One of the golden olden brands of Dutch cycling history: good quality bikes but not necessarily hip and stylish. But this one is the exception: sleek and simple.

2. Brik Sec
One of my favorites partly because you get to choose your own color and details, but mostly because it has no chain. How’s that for innovation!

3. Cortina Olev
Cortina bikes are extremely popular in Holland. I’m not necessarily a fan as they are pretty mainstream, but this design looks clean and must be comfortable as well.

4. Roetz Road
In ruby red or sleek matt black, with or without crate, rear carrier, leather saddle or detachable lights. You call the shots. Only disadvantage? People complain about the fenders being too short.

5. Batavus Hommage
Not the prettiest one of the bunch but people are enthusiastic about the quality and comfort. If you delete the luggage rack on the back and install a minimal steal one on the front, it might just turn out okay.

6. BSP seventy4
I like the look and feel of this bike but people are not necessarily positive about the biking quality. So I think this one will be a no, but since I haven’t tried it out myself I’m keeping it on the list.