MINIMAL FASHION | 29 March 2015

Need some stripes in my life!

Ever since walking into the new Topshop store in Amsterdam and trying on an all striped outfit, I’m hooked. How come I hardly own any striped items?!

This time I walked out empty handed, but my closet won’t be out of stripes forever. This weekend I did some online shopping (well: filling my basket, backing out and filling my basket again…) and here are some of the striped Items that have caught my eye.

Striped items:
1. Topshop blouse
2. Topshop skirt
3. Altuzarra dress
4. Topshop trousers
5. Tory Burch Bikini

Many people come to reinvention when life changes around them, but people come in all different stripes. I’m oriented to change.

Next to striped clothing, striped shoes are also looking pretty damn attractive. The ones on the left are by Chloé and come with a pretty hefty price tag, but the once on the right are form Topshop and budget friendly.

Don’t be surprised when you see me taking this love for stripes too far… ;)