Caseable asked me if I wanted to design my own case. Of course! I’d love to have my very own MyDubio case, so within minutes I designed one. The ordering proces was very easy and the next day I received the case. But -here comes a bit of bad news- the case was not excactly as I had hoped: the colors were all brownish instead of grey tones. After contacting Caseable, they immediatly fixt a new one and made sure the colors were right this time. Again the delivery was super fast. The second time round the colors matched the design more, but I have to be honest: up close it’s still not identical to the original design (in the pictures the case looks more grey than in real life). Even though, I’m very happy with my case. Thanks Caseable!

And I have some good news for you guys as well: use ‘mydubio’ at checkout and get a 15% discount! Valid until the 3rd of June.