New years resolution: just one

Happiness: I think it’s safe to say it’s the number one goal for most of us. Being successful or seeing a 6 figure number on your bank account won’t do the trick. Sure, living a comfortable life without having to worry about money for groceries and rent is kind of a necessary fundamental. But once you’ve got the basics covered, money won’t really make you happy. But what will? Well, I did some research and read numerous psychological journals in between coffee and lunch breaks these last few weeks. The nerd in me has awoken and I can’t wait to share some of the insights of those scientific masterminds.

But by far the most useful tip is the one I got from my very own mom. She just graduated as a stress manager (so proud of her!), but in my opinion she doesn’t even need an education as she is one the wisest persons I know when it comes to life and happiness. She has been through a lot in her life and still faces some challenges, but I couldn’t wish for a better mentor.

According to her, happiness is only possible when you challenge yourself with high but still realistic goals. Sure, thinking big is good and it brings you places. But when you’re constantly unable to reach the goals you set for yourself, you’ll start to feel more and more miserable. Try to set some goals that are doable and will make you feel good about yourself. Sometimes good is good enough. And that – my dear perfectionists- is going to be my new years resolution!

Happy 2016!