Every time I walk into a design store, there seem to be so many good notebooks. Moleskin notebooks are my favorite because they are so usable and I’ve written several chuck-full, but this minimal notebook by Marjolein Delhaas is a new favorite. It’s so simple but so beautiful. Maybe you have seen her diary popping up here and there (almost bought that one as well, until I remembered I only use the weekly planner on my iPhone…). In the end I decided to buy the notebook instead. Bought it at the beautiful store OBJET TROUVÉ in Rotterdam (they still had the 2014 hardcover planner and one softcover with 2014 written on it two weeks ago).

So let a new chapter begin. I’m using the Delhaas notebook for all my London plans and ideas. Fingers crossed they all come true! And what about you: do you use notebooks and are they an everyday necessity or do you stop writing in them after the first enthusiastic days? And what are your dreams for the future? Would love to hear!