MINIMAL FASHION | 28 April 2016

All-occasion dressing with Calvin Klein

Who knew that renovating a garden could be a full blown work-out?! And even though there were some days that I couldn’t really move anymore, I loved it! And I’m still loving it. We’re nowhere near finished, but the whole process is so rewarding. Every step of the way gives you such direct feedback. You buy wood, nail it to some other pieces, et voila: wood board decking. It’s such a difference compared to normal work life, where the seed you put in the ground has a 50% change of blooming and it may not even be the flower you’d like to see. But when you work with your hands, you can literally see your ideas coming to life. I tell you: try to find something that you can literally make with your hands if you’re stressed!

The only disadvantage to working outside is the clothes you have to wear. You can’t really wear anything too fancy and since large parts of the day consisted of working on our garden, I sort of came to the ultimate compromise: easy jeans and sweatshirt combo with fancy accessories. A nice bag, such as this all white square bag by Calvin Klein, and I was all set to make the transition from garden to normal life. And I couldn’t have wished for a better partner than Calvin Klein to visualize this idea. From the early seventies to now: Calvin Klein never lost his original views on fashion. An early advocate of all-occasion dressing, with evening pajamas transformed to formal wear (which literally sounds like a dream come true).

And the all white Limited Edition sweater does work pretty good with our new concrete floor. Now, if only the wall could be fixed as well. Would love to not having to use my muscles to get down to the ground and up again. You should’ve seen the way I looked in between these shots, just envision your grandma in this look and you get the picture. The things you have to do for a good photo…

You can buy the capsule collection on and in the Calvin Klein Store – PC Hooftstraat 105, 1071 BR Amsterdam