Starting out as an entrepreneur and running your own company is something so satisfying. And the moment we finally found an office space that was the perfect fit, we were on cloud nine. I’ve already introduced our new office space on IG and mentioned it in last months post about the Kvadrat Ready Made Curtain, but it’s about time we showed some more pictures! Last month we installed the new curtains and that meant we were finally done with decorating! After painting three desks, building my own huge bookshelf (it ended up 250cm heigh…) and finding the perfect chairs it was starting to look like a decent office more and more.

Now more about the curtains: I’ve teamed up with Kvadrat to explore the versatility of the Ready Made Curtain system. The system is super easy, especially wit the clear instructions. You simply click the pegs to the fabric and hang the fabric. Done.  If you’re ever facing the same problems we did, heigh ceilings, make sure to check with the retailer dealer, since Kvadrat also offers a custom cutting service.


Open doors and floor sweeping curtains, can’t it be summer all year long?