MINIMAL INTERIOR | 24 February 2015

Our bedroom: a slow morning

Fresh linnen, nothing on the agenda and the sun streaming through your windows. Can all Sundays be like this? I’m normally the first person to jump out of bed and get the day started, too restless to be laying in bed, but sometimes there is no better feeling than prolonging that moment of doing absolutely nothing. Too bad I actually had to get out of bed to shoot this post… ;)

I wanted to photograph our updated bedroom for a while now, but somehow I kept forgetting or procrastinating (hate changing the sheets). And every time the bedroom was sort of okay looking, I completely forgot that I had to photograph the bedroom in the morning when there’s still enough light.

But when these grey sheets arrived (all the way from Australia, thanks Abode Living!), I immediately shot it the next day. Love all grey looks, and love all grey interiors. So -for once- I couldn’t wait to change the sheets (that’s a highly unique phenomenon…). If only I could stay here forever: had to get up at 06:00 today :S


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Abode Living light grey sheets | Ikea dark grey sheets
Ikea DIY nightstand | Nordstjerne marble box
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