TRAVEL | 22 May 2015

Our temporary LA home

We could get used to this. Our temporary LA home by Homestead is not too shabby. We arrived a few days ago and have been taking it slow ever since. A day at the beach, some shopping and long meals. Next week it’s back to business, balancing three jobs at the same time, so we’re soaking up every LA vibe we can.

And where we normally are quite efficient with our time, we now have long lazy mornings. Not leaving the house before 12 o’ clock, only to find a lunch spot to spend the next hour. It’s so unlike us, but so good to just do nothing.

Being in LA for over a week makes us feel at home though, especially since we have this whole apartment to ourselves. I found myself daydreaming about living here more than once, but I already now it’s nearly impossible. Will be hard to say goodbye to this Homestead home though. And to this incredible city…