It’s no surprise I love good basics and this outfit is nothing more then one big compilation of them. It’s an outfit that requires no thinking, is comfortable and all the pieces are easily combined with my other items. The COS sweater was a great sale score by the way, it’s 100% merino wool and has a perfect fit. Hopefully the fabric will keep it’s good quality cause I always hate it when I have to replace basics. Your money is being spend, but in your day to day life you notice no difference cause you were already used to having that certain piece in your closet. My boyfriend is the ultimate wear-until-it-dies type of guy by the way. He’s now wearing a jeans that is literally falling to pieces after 5 years of wear. Speaking about getting value for your money.

P.S. Did you notice the huge change: a different bag… ;) Picked this one up while shopping in Berlin.

COS sweater – Humanoid shirt – Marni trousers – H&M MMM heels – &Otherstories bag – COS beanie