Morning guys! I have been a little absent and was not able to post as much as I used to, but I hope this week will be just like every other week beginning with a new look! Yep, with my belt bag (what else). The rest of the outfit is really simple and something I wear a lot whenever I’m locked up behind my computer: warm layers and an easy fit. Scored both the turtle neck and vest in sale. You can find the turtle neck still online. The turtle neck just sold out and I’ve never seen the vest on the H&M site before. There were still plenty of vests in the H&M store on the Dam in Amsterdam though. They are now €35,- and the quality is really good. If you are still looking for a black vest I highly recommend this one :)

H&M vest | Zara roll neck | H&M trousers | Adidas Stan Smith sneakers | Alexander Wang belt bag