MINIMAL FASHION | 22 July 2015

Outfit: camel tones with PHO London

A silk dress and wool coat combo was something I never imagined wearing: when would the temperatures ever be cold enough for a coat and warm enough for bare legs? But last Monday, while paying a visit to Utrecht in honor of my sisters birthday (cute Dutch city, highly recommended!), it turned out to be the perfect combination.

I’m also wearing something else then my usual color pallet; more and more warm tones have been entering my closet. And while browsing through the webshop of PHO London (who carries brands such as Charlie May, now on sale!), I decided to take it one step further and cover myself in complete camel hues. I would normally never dare to wear a dress in this color, too afraid it would look ghastly on me, but with grayish hair and a summer tan it looked quite different than I’d imagined. Absolutely in love with this combo!

P.S. if you love timeless essentials pay a visit to the Instagram account of PHO London, that’s how they caught my attention in the first place!

I’m wearing:
Charlie May coat | Marina London dress
Adidas Stan Smith | Anna Lawska necklace