These are the kind of outfits I fall back to whenever I don’t feel like dressing up much but still want to feel good about what I’m wearing. When I have to go to the office for instance, I have to get up early to catch my train and with my ‘bleerrr, wanna lay in bed’ feeling I don’t feel like putting on intricate clothing and just slip in my standard attire. Often combined with heels, but lately more and more sneakers are involved (I blame falling of the stairs and discovering going to work in sneakers is much more relaxing!).

Let’s just say I’m not a morning person. No really, I need an hour before I can be social. My ex boyfriend was a morning person -to say the least- and would be active hyper whenever the alarm clock went off (other than that he is a great guy by the way). My whole family thought I was this grumpy person that was either silent or snappy. Turns out I’m perfectly okay as long as the people surrounding me are relaxed and not loud in the morning as well. Luckily my current boyfriend is not a morning person either ;)

Sandro blazer – Acne shirt – Acne jeans – Eytys sneakers – &OtherStories bag