The whole 5 piece French wardrobe thing is becoming a real challenge… I bought three pieces for myself at Acne Archive and the Superstar sneakers. I’ve also bought an off-white jacket at H&M (remember this post?). But because I -at least- want to try only buying five pieces this season, I decided to sell that one. That leaves me with one piece to buy these coming months and I’m pretty sure next sale season I’m going to fail big time (my brain seems to be taken over by the scarcity principle during sales).

Luckily I can cheat a little by stealing items from my boyfriends closet. He’s wearing this denim jacket a lot (always a relief when the stuff I bring home for him fits!), but on those days he finally decides his other stuff is pretty good too I can’t help myself ;)

Acne denim jacket | Acne sweater | Acne jeans | Alexander Wang bag | Alexander Wang heels