My mom never throws anything away. I remember a certain cupboard where all of her shoes were spilling out, that in the eyes of my sister and I was pure treasure hunting. I also remember an attic filled with stuff we never even looked at (although I sometimes did while I wasn’t aloud and no matter how careful I was she always knew the minute she saw me) and vacations with a car so full we could barely sit. Seriously, when we went camping with a travel trailer my mom made sure all the stuff we somehow mysteriously needed while being away for three weeks was with us. The trailer was stuffed, the car was stuffed and even our roof box was stuffed (the fact that we needed a roof box in the first place was officiously besides the point).

But although I always make fun of her inability to throw away stuff, I have to agree that I’m secretly happy she keeps everything. Take this leather top for example, it’s a piece of the stuff she wore back in the 80s together with a leather waistcoat, skirt and pants. Because she never wears black anymore and because they were just laying there in one of the many boxes, my sister and I decided to take them home with us. Now all that’s left is figuring out who gets which piece, I’m claiming this one already!

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