Already showed some pictures of these trousers last week. My new fav trousers! They are white (always a plus), they are warm (double check), the high waisted fit is perfect and the price is pretty good as well (€50,-). Also incredibly happy with this warm vest. I tried another vest at H&M that was a little bit longer but that one was itchy as hell. I almost gave up hope (and was slowly reconsidering the super expensive ones by Acne – that continuously slipped of my shoulders…) until I saw this one. Have been living in it ever since and survived the Boston thunder storms without turing purple from the cold (except that one time during lunch when hot soup was the only answer…). I compared the fabric with my Acne sweater and it’s almost identical: 34% mohair, 32% wool (Acne 34%), 29% polyamide (Acne 27%) and 5% elastane. I’ve been only wearing it for one week, so I don’t know if the quality is up to par a year from now but it sure looks promising.

P.S. the vest and the trousers are now sold out online. But I saw quite a few vests in Boston and Rotterdam.

H&M vest | Eddy Anemian for H&M trousers | DKNY top | Adidas Stan Smith sneakers