When I first saw the Eytys sneakers I knew they were the pair I was looking for. I sold my Nike Air Max Thea (it took me three months to admit they really were too small… ;) and started looking for the Eytys in black suede. Of course nowhere to be found. However the blue leather version also looked really tempting and in the end I decided to just order them (I’m normally between a size 40 and 41, and size 41 is a perfect fit).

Have you also noticed I dyed my hair by the way? I’ve not been to a hairdresser in 5 years and was so scared I ended up yellow (like that one time…) that I was even more nervous than when having my teeth pulled. I was doubting about a really white blonde color, but the hairdresser advised me to go for highlights and take it slow. I took her advice of course, anything to avoid walking out there looking like Barbie. I’m so happy they succeeded in giving my hair a really nice ash tint! Let’s hope it will keep looking like this the coming months!