It was so cold yesterday! Until yesterday it felt like Summer with temperatures of 20 Celsius degrees, but now it’s officially Fall and temperatures have dropped. So this grey layered look matched perfectly with the grey skies and the non-stop rain we experienced in the east of Holland (o, and I had to try this knotted sweater thing, but after a day of wearing it I came to the conclusion it is not for me. Some trends are there to be left untouched… ;).

Maybe you’ve already noticed by the way, but I got some extra ear piercings. Finally! I wanted to wait and do it in New York but the chance of me visiting NY in the near future has shrunken dramatically (but I’m probably still going to visit Boston!). So when I had some time left in Amsterdam, I kind of did it on a whim. Can’t wait till I can start wearing all of my own earrings!

Zara knitted top | Acne sweater | Acne culottes trousers | Jan Kønig new bracelet and earring | Daniel Wellington watch | Adidas Stan Smith