Last Saturday I visited the Humanoid super stock sale. It was just as busy as two years ago when they had their last one at the exact same location, but somehow I think this one was not as good. Two years ago they offered more clothing and more items from different brands as well. But I ended up with a great score: these grey leather loose fitted trousers for only €75,-! I’ve been living in them since I got them, they are so soft and warm. Exactly what I needed as I ended up being sick (my voice is completely gone by now, just as my jawline (those damn swollen lymph nodes)…). So yesterday this look functioned as upgraded PJ’s. I only went out to make these pictures and then it was back to my temporary bed in the garden. The only plus side to this all: I got to be outside and wasn’t glued to my computer all day. Gotta enjoy those little things in life ;)

P.S. I just joined the Zalando blogger awards. It would be so great if you guys could vote for me here! Not just for me, but maybe for you as well as you can win a €500,- gift voucher. Now fingers crossed!!

Humanoid leather trousers | Acne knit | Primark shirt (they are actually part of my regular PJ’s…) | Birkenstock sandals | &OtherStories bag