A perfect outfit for me is an outfit that is simple but consists of contrasting items: a blazer with sneakers or an oversized sweater with heels. I guess this doesn’t come as a surprise ;) But there is such a thing as office days…  I have my own company and work for the Dutch government, so I do think making an effort is in order (although I have to admit that some  mornings all I can think is ‘screw it’ and I end up with my Nike Air Max :S). A black blazer and heels are two items I get out of the closet on a regular basis. In the morning there is still a brain freeze going on (let’s just say I’m not a morning person…), so if I have important meetings I instantly grab for items that can’t fail. And besides: heels only make me taller. Perfect for towering over some high placed managers ;)

Blazer Zara – Trousers Avelon – Shirt H&M Trend – Heels Diego Dolcini – Bag Alexander Wang