MINIMAL FASHION | 29 June 2015

Outfit: oversized soft tones

While I was spending a week in France, I had one off day. Sort of a mental breakdown and overal cranky feeling, totally not me but hey: what you gonna do about it? Something I would not recommend is going shopping…

But of course I had no inner strength left whatsoever so I bought these trousers on an impulse. It did make me feel better for an hour or so, but the next day I already regretted getting them. Although I loved the oversized shape, I had no idea how I would pair them. But once I got back home, I noticed it was the perfect match to my Anine Bing top that I got in LA. Hooray for impulse buys! And hooray for short-sleeved waistcoats that solve every ‘in-between-weather-getting-dressed’ drama.

I’m wearing:
Ganni waistcoat (now in sale) | Anine Bing top | H&M trousers | Teva sandals