Bare legs and long layers. O, and faceless pictures. Somehow I got a bit tired of looking at myself these last few weeks and I felt much more at ease turned away from the camera. Being a blogger requires you to take pictures of yourself, but the longer you think about it the stranger it feels (or maybe I’m a bit slow with figuring out that taking pictures of what you wear is a little bit odd ;). Although we routinely shoot outfits for over a year now and we are done within 15 minutes (except for windy days, how I hate those!), I think it will never feel natural to me. But I guess I’m not the only one right? I mean, who likes being confronted with bad hair days, scary looking facial expressions (holy crap, sometimes I’m even scared of myself) and weird posing? But luckily I can take my pick and delete any horrendous pictures before I can even say cheese. O the joy of the digital world!