I’m always sad to leave an incredible city behind. We’ve been to Berlin three times before (it actually was our first trip as a couple, how romantic ;) and every time we fall in love with the city¬†a little bit more. Although we are not the sightseeing type of guys, we do love to visit outstanding monuments and museums. The Holocaust Memorial is one of them, designed by Peter Eisenman and made out of concrete slabs spread across an enormous field. We visited it for the first time on a clouded gloomy winter day years ago. The monument gave us a desolate feeling. Yesterday it felt completely different though. The sun was shining and the lines of all the concrete looked spectacular; it didn’t feel like a dark and negative monument but like a monument that more gently reminded us of all horrible things that happened during WWII. Some say it’s disrespectful to use the Holocaust Memorial as a backdrop for your own pictures, but as long as you contemplate about the meaning and what it stands for I think you only do it justice.

P.S. On a completely different note: the winners of the birthday give away are Romy and StyloNym! Congrats!! Expect an email soon :)

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