Blue and black keep being a favorite combination. As long as I can remember I have always liked the feeling dark blue and black give you when combined. I didn’t care that it used to be a fashion no go and happily kept on adding dark blue items to my closet. I got this new addition from We Build Pyramids, a young Amsterdam-based company that gets its inspiration from the world of music and are really enthousiastic about their products.

And I can give you guys a 10% discount on the same sweater! Enter MDbuildspyramids at check-out and you’re good to go. The sweater is made from 100% organic cotton with “Dans La Port d’Amsterdam” in white print. And if you have never seen Jacques Brel sing this song, you definitly should! He sings with so much emotion and conviction.

We Build Pyramids sweater (I’m wearing a size M for men) | H&M turtle neck | Iro jeans | Diego Dolcini heels | COS coat | Alexander Wang bag