MINIMAL FASHION | 27 July 2015

Over-the-knee boots during a summer storm

Last weekend we got invited by Manzo Suites in Zaandam: a gorgeous boutique hotel (insanely gorgeous!) near Amsterdam. And since we’re not really living close to Amsterdam, we decided to finally do all things touristy (we never really did before. Strange isn’t it: how you take your own country for credit?). So visiting museums and having outrageous lunches and dinners was on the agenda.

This sounded like a solid plan, until we saw the weather reports… Summer storms. But somehow we got lucky: public transport was still up and running when we had to use it (which was a small miracle in and on itself as right after we arrived there were no trains to and from Amsterdam (nothing-nada). And since visiting photography museum FOAM was inside, plus they serve some pretty decent lunch, we hardly noticed the bad weather. Arriving at the Manzo Suites made the day even more perfect: hello huge tub smack in the middle of the room, build in shower and soft beds!

We enjoyed it to the fullest, even though I had to get used to wearing a skirt (apperantly you have to sit lady like, no pulling up your knees to your chin when you’re lounging…). Ah well, in the end it all worked out. Nothing a coat, over-the-knee boots and an umbrella can’t fix (Senz6: you make the best ones. My umbrella is still alive, even after the crazy strong wind!!).

I’m Wearing:
Charlie May Coat via PHO-London (still available in black here)| Alexander Wang shirt (sold out)
Isabel Marant skirt (sold out) | Marc Jacobs over-the-knee boots