MINIMAL FASHION | 10 July 2015

Over-the-knee boots

Sooo… I’ve got me some thigh-high boots. Finally! Last Winter I was searching high and low, but couldn’t find a decent pair. There was always something that didn’t add up: an outrageous price tag, a heel that was too high (I want to be able to run errands all day), the length of the boot was too low (just hitting the knee while I had thigh-high envisioned) or no suede material (and I had my mind set on suede).

While browsing the sales online, I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw these beauties discounted (and they were running an extra discount a few days ago as well, perfect!). Still a hefty price tag, but allez: I decided to bite the bullet anyway. There’s still a little voice inside me that is questioning if I can pull these over-the-knee boots off: I’m all for oversized fits and these boots require a little more sexiness (a.k.a. legs) than I’m used to. But I already have a few looks in mind that I can’t wait to try out. Hopefully these boots will make dressing for freezing temperatures less of a challenge. I know it’s still Summer (and I’m enjoying every second of it!!), but Winter: I’m ready for you!

P.S. There are still some sizes left on Stylebop
The black pair on the left are mine, the ones on the right are by net-a-porter (brown & tan).