I’m not much of a perfume kind of girl. Somehow I have a cold half of the year and my smelling abilities are diminished… So when my last perfume bottle was empty, that was it. Choosing a perfume, but not really smelling well and a whole store full of bottles that you can try… Instant stress I tell you! What if I like a smell, but in reality it’s horrible, too strong, or whatever? I have all these images in my head where I end up just like Pumbaa in the Lion King (you know… during the hakuna matata song: “I’m a sensitive soul though I seem thick-skinned. And it hurt that my friends never stood downwiiiiiiiiiind. And, OH, the shaaaaame.” Well you get the point ;).

Until I saw Byredo perfumes. Neatly organized and only 19 options. What a bliss picking a new perfume! In the end I went for this one, but if they weren’t so damn expensive, I would’ve picked the gypsy as well. Now lets hope I didn’t pick the wrong one ;)