TRAVEL | 6 March 2016

My photography gear when traveling

It was about time I shared my photography gear with you guys! I get asked a lot of questions about my setup, especially when traveling. Before switching gear I owned the Canon 60D with a 50mm 1.8 lens. I was pretty happy with this camera, but the quality of the lens was lacking and I missed a few features. After some frantic searching on the internet I had my eyes set on the Canon Mark III. I was convinced this would be the one and I went to the camera store thinking I would walk out with a new camera. Well, not quite…

I walked around with the camera for an hour inside the tiny camera store (the guy helping me had so much patience!). But it felt like I was dragging a block of concrete with me, and since I love to travel light the whole idea of owning a Canon Mark III seemed less attractive by the minute. When I talked about the weight of the camera for the hundred time, the guy of the store handed me the Sony A7II. Also a full frame camera but mirrorless and so much smaller. After 10 minutes my mind was made up and I took the plunge. So happy I did! It’s been a year since I got the Sony A7II and I would only trade it for the Sony A7R II (but since it’s twice as expensive, I’ll stick to this one…).

So let’s look at my complete setup when traveling. I own two lenses: a Sony Carl Zeiss 35mm lens and 55mm lens. Both lenses deliver incredible pictures, are super sharp and yes: quite expensive. But they are worth it. I use the 55mm lens when I’m at home and the 35mm lens when I’m out all day. Not only is this lens super small and light, it’s also perfect for landscapes. I still would like an even wider frame, but I know myself: I’ll just leave any lens that’s bigger than the 35mm at home. Both of my lenses are primes by the way. I don’t mind taking a few extra steps back or forward to get the perfect shot and as a bonus the quality of prime lenses are excellent while still being relatively compact. And the 5 Axis IS system controls build into the camera make sure I can even shoot steady with slow shutter speeds or when filming.

“I never regretted buying prime lenses instead of zoom lenses”

Besides the camera I always take my phone with me. I send the pictures to my iPhone with the Wifi feature (love it!) on the camera and edit them in the Photoshop app before posting on Instagram. Because I’m walking around with my camera all day I added a minimal leather neck strap, wrist strap and half case for protection and better grip (all from Gariz). Not only does it look much better, the gun-shot option (the strap attaches to the bottom of the half case) is perfect and makes it much easier to shoot on the go. The Joby GorillaPod is a new addition. Incredibly lightweight and the ideal tripod replacement when traveling light. You can just wrap it around trees or any other object to get the perfect shot. And of course I bring a 64gb card, three extra batteries (the only disadvantage of this camera: it drains battery life!), a charger and some extra lens caps (which I always seem to loose).

With the straps and everything, my camera only weighs 800 gram. The GorillaPod is another 190 grams. So all in all it’s incredibly light weight for the quality you’re getting! At the end of this post you can find an overview with some links. And no, none of this is sponsored. I just like to share my experience.