TRAVEL | 3 September 2015

Planning a road trip through the US

Planning a road trip though the US takes time: there are so many options and places to go. But since it was our second time on the west coast we knew a little bit better what we wanted to include in our journey: less of the bigger parks and more of the lesser-known parks, while getting some moments of luxury by visiting cities in between. We booked as little in advance as possible and went where our mood and the weather took us.

And today I want to share with you our itinerary: what did we do in those 5 weeks of traveling? It’ll be hard to highlight all the details in one post, (way too many pictures!), so more will follow the coming weeks. Each week will represent… a week. Very surprising indeed.


Besides incorporating some smaller parks, we also decided to take things slow. No more stress or tight schedules, but freedom and sun instead. We travelled late April through the end of May and had to check the weather reports on a regular basis. Temperatures could drop and rain was predicted. So whenever the weather reports predicted anything less than 20 degrees and sun, we changed our plans and figured out where to go to next. That meant that we ended up in Phoenix while we hadn’t planned on going there initially (or San Diego for that matter). We also didn’t plan on visiting the Mojave National Preserve twice, but liked it too much the first time around. So in the end our itinerary looks was all over the place, but the journey was one we’ll never forget!

More next week!

Week by week
Week 1: LA, Mojave National Preserve, Las Vegas.
Week 2: Grand Canyon, Page, Edmeiers secret, Waterslot Canyon, Valley of the Gods
Week 3: Coal mine canyon, Phoenix, Mojave, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Death Valley
Week 4: Alabama Hills, San Diego
Week 5: LA